Tech Tips:
Start workouts with Garmin devices

Instructions on how to start a workout with a Garmin device

Step 1:

First, make sure your Garmin device is running the Nix Biosensors Activity app and that you’ve added your Garmin device in the Nix Biosensors iOS app

Step 2:

On your Garmin device, open the Nix Biosensors Activity app.

Figure 2A

Figure 2B

Step 3:

On your phone, open the Nix Biosensors app.

Step 4:

Grab a sweat patch, place it on your bicep and connect the pod to the patch.

Step 5:

On your phone, check the patch status to make sure the pod is active.

Step 6:

Tap the Start button.

Figure 6A

Step 7:

Select your activity type, drink and notification preferences, then tap "Start Workout".

Figure 7A

Step 8:

Your Garmin device will automatically start recording and delivering notifications.

Figure 8A

Figure 8B