Nix Biosensors Affiliate Program

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Know a great fitness or sports blog, training team or club. or local outdoor group looking for extra income? Refer them to the Nix Biosensors Affiliate Program.

How it works:

1. Apply to AvantLink, Nix Biosensors' affiliate network partner.
2. Complete the application for the Nix Biosensors program.
3. Once approved, you'll be able to post a link to on your site.
4. Send customers to Nix Biosensors through your links and you will be paid for completed sales via AvantLink.
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Why you'll earn money with Nix Biosensors:

⬢ Nix Biosensors is a revolutionary hydration monitoring system for endurance athletes. Nix built the first biosensor to analyze sweat and provide endurance athletes with personal hydration data – scientifically validated and delivered in real time.
⬢ Nix produces premium products that it sells exclusively through authorized retailers or directly to consumers on (We do not market or sell to Amazon.)
⬢ Dedicated affiliate support team.
⬢ Nix offers outstanding customer service to help customers understand how to use their hydration biosensor as well as understand what to do with their data.
⬢ 30-day return policy for any unused, unopened products.

Program highlights:

⬢ 8% commission
⬢ 30 day cookie duration
⬢ Free shipping on USA orders over $35
⬢ Average orders of $125+
⬢ Dedicated in-house affiliate program management
⬢ In-house marketing and creative team for consistent messaging across all platforms
BONUS: Deep discount for personal purchase of a Nix Biosensor

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