Nix Pro:
Group Hydration Monitoring

Access your full team’s hydration data in a single view.

With Nix Pro, the group-monitoring app from Nix Biosensors, a single administrator - coach, nutritionist, safety supervisor, or researcher - can manage the hydration strategies for multiple subjects at once, both in real time and with post-session data summaries and sweat profiles.

To keep the team, unit or work shift properly hydrated, you can’t just use a “one size fits all” approach. You need to craft custom strategies informed by each individual’s personal biology. Yet this data has been nearly impossible to access up until now.

Nix Pro empowers you to deliver optimized safety, performance, and efficiency for all members of your squad.

Trusted by LSU Football, Miami Heat, Frontline Health & Performance, Bay FC, EF Pro Cycling, US Speedskating, Podium Racing, Penn State University, FC Motorsports, East Carolina University, Israel Premier Tech, and more.

Nix Pro

Solving the Hydration Monitoring Needs for Group Settings.

Scientific: Evaluates the biomarkers in sweat, like a portable lab without the needles.

Personalized: Highlights the unique needs of each subject, based on their personal biology.

Actionable: Tracks live data to keep a full group of subjects safe and performing at their peak.

Empowering: Executes analysis for custom strategies that drive human performance and operational efficiency.

Essential Group Analytics

Nix Pro is empowering admins to access and understand the unique hydration needs of each of their subjects. Each session can be customized to the type of activity, expected intensity, weight of equipment, and more. Additional environmental factors, including temperature, humidity, and altitude can be layered into the group analysis.

The platform is more convenient and more affordable than lab-based methods. Nix Pro helps admins deliver valuable insights to their organization to ensure safety and performance.

Real-time data:
  • Fluid losses
  • Electrolyte losses
  • Hydration status
  • Change in skin temperature
Historical data:
  • Sweat rates
  • Electrolyte loss rates
  • Sodium loss rates
  • Potassium loss rates
  • Hydration status
  • Skin temperature changes
  • Understand correlation to environmental conditions using the Nix Index™

Getting Started

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The System

Rechargeable Pod

Our revolutionary hydration biosensor weighs less than 0.5 ounces and is similar in size to a Garmin watch face. The electronic pod is durable, reusable, and built to last. The pod clips onto a single-use sweat patch and transmits data to the Nix Pro app.

Sweat Patch

The proprietary Nix patch detects electrochemical biomarkers in a subject's sweat. Once a subject begins sweating- sweat rate, electrolyte loss rate, and sweat composition are measured in the flow channel. The patch sticks to the surface of the skin with kinesiology tape for flexible adhesion and comfort. The Sweat Patch is single-use only.

Nix Pro

Nix Pro, the group app, enables admins to view an entire team’s hydration data in a single view. Critical data is available in real time, facilitating actionable insights during a Session.

The Science

Nix’s proprietary machine learning algorithms senses the losses from the bicep - both fluids and electrolytes - and extrapolates it to the whole body using a Subject's height and weight. This data, trained and validated with accuracy rates exceeding industry standards, is then packaged into end user insights within the app.

Trusted by Leading Coaches, Nutritionists, and Researchers

Hydration isn’t a one-size fits all solution. Nix Pro provides all that information and makes it actionable. It’s a complete game-changer.

LSU Football

Matt Frakes, Assistant Athletic Director for Sports Nutrition

Fluid and electrolyte deficits carry significant consequences and each athlete’s needs are unique. Nix Pro provides that data in one place.

Miami Heat

Betsy Berthin, Director of Sports Nutrition

It’s not uncommon for firefighters to end up in the hospital with severe dehydration. We see huge value in implementing Nix Pro during all our training academies.

Frontline Health and Performance

Michael Williams-Bell, PhD, Co-Founder

Providing appropriate hydration recommendations is pivotal as we head into the warmer months of our season, using Nix has become an essential tool for me as a clinician.

Bay FC

Angela Bruzina,Team Dietician

We place great importance on hydration to ensure peak performance. We have tested several hydration sensors, and have found Nix’s platform to be very accurate and easy to use.

EF Pro Cycling

Dr. Kevin Sprouse, Director of Sports Science

Nix helped us completely overhaul the hydration strategy for one particular athlete who was struggling with their hydration…we didn’t hesitate to roll it out to the entire team.

US Speedskating

Jen Day, PhD, Sports Dietitian