Hydration Unveiled

NIX is taking the guessing out of hydration with a wearable, single-use sensor

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Taking the guessing out of hydration

Millions of athletes are guessing their hydration needs and getting it wrong, with substantial consequences. No longer. With proprietary technology developed at Harvard, and with the world’s leading hydration experts and physiologists, Nix is developing a single use hydration sensor that informs athletes’ hydration strategy: when to drink, what to drink, and how much to drink.

Measure what matters

Nix is empowering athletes to optimize their performance by tracking and understanding their personalized hydration needs. The Nix sensor provides real-time information to athletes about:

  • When to drink
  • What to drink
  • How much to drink

Material Wearables

Nix is taking a materials science approach to wearable technologies. Our bioengineered platform enables single-use sensors for a range of consumer diagnostic applications. Nix is currently developing its initial product: a wearable hydration sensor designed to monitor hydration that empowers athletes to manage their hydration status in real-time. Spun out of Harvard, Nix aims to empower athletes to be their best by eliminating hurdles to success.