Tech Tips:
Adding Nix Biosensors Data Field on a Garmin device

How to install and use the Nix Biosensors Data Field on a Garmin device (including Edge computers)

Step 1:

First, make sure that you’ve added your Garmin device in the Nix Biosensors iOS app.

Step 2:

On your phone, open the Garmin Connect IQ app.

Step 3:

Head to the Search tab and search for “Nix”.

Step 4:

Please uninstall the "Nix Activity App" if it is currently installed.

Step 5

Tap “Nix Biosensors Data Field”, then “Install”. Tap “Allow”.
Wait for the installation process to complete.

Figure 5A

Figure 5B

Step 6:

The Nix Biosensors Data Field is now ready to use on your Garmin device.

Figure 6A

Figure 6B

Step 7:

On your Garmin device, head to the activity you want to edit. Navigate to “Activity Settings” then “Data Screens”.

Figure 7A

Figure 7B

Figure 7C

Step 8:

Select the data screen you would like to edit.

Figure 8A

Step 9:

Press the edit button to open “Data Fields”, then select “ConnectIQ Fields” and choose “Nix Data Field”. You’re all set!

Figure 9A

Figure 9B

Step 10:

You’re all set!

For the best experience, start your workout at the same time in the Nix Biosensors iOS App and on your Garmin device. Your Garmin device will display Fluid Loss and Electrolyte Loss as measured in real time by your Nix Pod during the selected Activity.

When you’re ready to end your workout, make sure you end your workouts on both your smartphone and your Garmin device.

Figure 10A

Figure 10B

Additional Notes:

The Nix Activity and the Garmin Activity are currently not synchronized whatsoever: it does not matter which you start and end first. Please note the Nix data is not written into the Garmin FIT file at this point in time. After your workout, it will be exclusively available in the Nix Biosensors iOS App.