Tech Tips:
Garmin and Nix Biosensors
iOS and Android App

How to instructions for adding a Garmin device in the Nix Biosensors app

Step 1:

To add your Garmin device, head to the Settings tab, then Devices and tap "Add a new device".

Figure 1A

Figure 1B

Figure 1C

Step 2:

Select "Garmin" and tap "Open" to open the Garmin Connect app.

Figure 2A

Figure 2B

Step 3:

Back on the Nix app, tap the name of your Garmin device.

You can add multiple Garmin devices to your Nix app, however only one can be used at a time. Make sure to select a device PRIOR to starting your workout.

Figure 3A

Step 4:

Tap "Connect". Your Garmin device is now ready for use with the Nix Biosensors app

Figure 4A

Figure 4B

Step 5:

You will also need to complete some additional set up on your Garmin device. Review instructions for the Activity App or details on how to setup your Garmin Data Fields.