Sweat Stories

Customer Reviews & Testimonials About Their Experience Using a Nix Hydration Biosensor

The Nix Hydration Biosensor was developed to help athletes better understand their hydration and electrolyte losses. At 2% dehydration individuals experience significant impairment to their physical performance. Our users have reiterated that Nix has helped them perform better, develop a stronger hydration strategy, and allowed them to pursue their personal athletic achievements. These stories remind us why we've toiled so hard to bring this product to market. Thanks to those who have shared with us. To share your sweat story, please send us a note at info@nixbiosensors.com.

Featured Testimonials

Justin S

“After having back to back marathons where I cramped terribly, I started to look into every possible cause. Through the use of Nix I was able to learn that I am a heavy sweater and lose a lot of sodium in my sweat. Nix gave me the tools to practice and create a strategy for in race hydration that was tailor-made to me. My first race with Nix was the NYC marathon and on a warmer than ideal day, I was able to finish without cramping."


Brenda B

“I have struggled with getting my electrolytes correct for several years. Thanks to the data I've collected from my Nix Biosensor, I was able to finish my most recent 100 miler. It's a great feeling to complete a goal like that!

The best thing about the Nix Biosensor is that it collects data over many hours. I can get the fluid and electrolytes nailed during a four hour run, but being able to get data over several hours is essential for me.”

MAMBA 100 2023

Thomas M

“Thank you for the product you have created. Last year I DNF'd from dehydration and numerous other issues, but those were compounded by the lack of water and electrolytes. Although I did not use the patches during my actual event, I used them in training. Using this data, I was able to create a decent hydration plan and it worked out.”


David L

“I’ve been hyper focused on dialing in my fueling and nutrition strategy over the past couple of years. Hydration has been a bit more challenging as historically the data has been much less accessible. With Nix, I’m able to create a hydration strategy specific to my needs based on data driven insights. The electrolyte piece has been a game changer for me during both training and racing."


Jarrhett B

“Sweating has always been something I didn’t fully grasp. Nix has helped me understand what I’m losing during runs and how to track different levels of hydration to improve my performance.”


Samantha D.

“Nix helped me to realize how different sweat loss rate can vary from types of workouts and with weather factors. It helped me to better plan to properly fuel for Ironman Kona to avoid dehydration and cramping!.”


Hayden S.

I love Nix! I just completed my first Ironman in Chattanooga on September 24th with no cramping issues and nailing my hydration! How?! I used the Nix path for several key workouts so I knew exactly how much electrolytes I need.


Phil B.

"I do lots of weekend backpacking, and I get cramps from it most nights. One goal is to learn my sweat patterns so I can avoid cramping after 8-12 hours of climbing hills and what not. The Nix device is teaching me a lot about my body’s hydration and electrolyte needs, and that’s helping me fight post-hiking leg cramps that have troubled me for years."


Tom P.

When I learned that Atlantic City 70.3 was the last year I signed up and considered it my race rehearsal as it was only 13 days before Jones Beach. I was dialed in with my hydration because of Nix. Atlantic city was a miserable rainy mess. PR'd the course even in the conditions. Thanks again for putting out a wonderful product. Truly made the difference this year in my races.


Additional Customer Reviews

My next big race is CIM. I won't be wearing a Nix on race day, but have used it on several longer runs mostly to determine my sweat content. I have learned I need significantly more sodium than I'd previously thought.

Rich W


That feeling when your race nutrition plan comes together. Finally a race result I’m proud of and reflects the work put in this season. The key difference in the prep leading up was nutrition. Recently did some sweat testing using nixhydration and found out I was undershooting my fluid intake and sodium needs during races."

Michael M.



I used the information I've been gleaning which (I think) allowed me to hydrate and replenish electrolytes well which resulted in an excellent workout!

Dana D.