Nix App Features & Education

Improve your sweat education

Within the Nix app there are a variety of ways to compare your personal data to previous workouts and to other Nix users with personalized insights. In addition, the Nix app will continue to help you build upon your sweat knowledge. Specific features to better educate and guide you are listed below.

Sweat Facts

Helpful hydration facts to keep you on track and educated. A new Sweat Fact will populate each week but can be dismissed at any time. All Sweat Facts will be saved within the Settings tab if you want to reference facts from previous weeks.


Tips to help you navigate the Nix app and personalize it to your liking. These Tips will update monthly and can be dismissed at any time. All Tips will be saved within the Setting's tab if you want to reference tips from previous weeks.

Data Export

Within each workout summary there is the option to export the data into an Excel document to easily share minute-by-minute data with a coach or training partner. Full details can be found here.

Workout Editing

The workout editing feature allows you to edit your pace, add tags, input fluids consumed, enter RPE and write notes after the workout has been completed. Simply click on the pencil icon to make any edits.