Tech Tips:
Exporting Workout Data

Download data for analysis or sharing with a coach, nutritionist or advisor

Your raw workout data is easily accessible within the Nix Biosensors app. This function gives users the opportunity to export data from any given workout and dissect fluid and electrolyte losses minute-by-minute. Users can easily share these workout details with your coach, training partner, nutritionist, advisor or friend. View the instructions below for iOS and Android data exports.

Step 1:

Ensure you have the most recent app version. The export feature is available on app version 2.23 or newer.

App download links:
Apple users (App Store)
Android users (Google Play)

Step 2:

Within the Nix Biosensors app, navigate to Insights > Workouts. Identify the workout you are looking to download and select the export button.

Step 3:

Select your preferred download method. The file will export as an Excel file (.xlxs). You can send the file via email, text, AirDrop and more.

Step 4:

View your file to dive deeper into your fluid and electrolyte losses throughout the course of your workout.

Additional Features & Improvements

The Nix product team continues to roll out additional app features and functions. If you have a recommended product feature or enhancement, please email us at