Personalized Insights and Comparisons

Explore your sweat profile, share your stats, and compare yourself to other Nix users

At Nix, we are constantly striving to build on and improve upon the user experience in our app. We currently offer a multitude of features in which users can compare their data to previous workouts as well as to the total Nix user base. Users can easily export and share their data with their coaches or training partners and save pre-designed graphics to share with their network. Check out some of our current app features below.

Feedback Wanted

We want to learn more about our userbase so that we can better serve our community of athletes. Scroll to the bottom of your home page within the Nix app to see if there's an available poll to complete. Once submitted, this poll will disappear from your home screen until there is a new one available.

Sweat Profile Snapshot

A snapshot of your averages based on all workouts that you've logged in the Nix app including average sweat rate, electrolyte loss rate, and sweat composition. Generate your shareable graphic so you can broadcast them to your network.


The Insights block on the home screen compares your latest workout data to your previous workout and shows how you stack up in comparison to the total Nix userbase.

All Time Sweat Stats

A cumulative total showcasing the amount of fluids and electrolytes you've lost overall in the time you've been a Nix user.

Shareable Graphics

Shareable graphics are meant to be a way in which you can easily share (or brag about) your sweat data with friends, coaches, and your competition. There are three different types of graphics that Nix offers.

Workout Summary: this graphic summarizes the losses during a specific workout including total sweat losses, total electrolyte losses, and a user's sweat composition from that specific workout.

Sweat Profile Overview: this graphic shows a user's average sweat rate, average electrolyte loss rate, and average sweat composition based on all of the workouts logged in the app.

All Time Sweat Stats: this graphic shows a user's running total of all time fluid and electrolyte losses based on all workouts logged in the app.