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Tech Tips:
Switching Between Garmin Devices

Instructions for switching between multiple Garmin devices for a Nix workout

Multiple Garmin devices can be associated to your Nix App. However, data can be streamed to only one Garmin device at a time. Instructions can be found below on how to switch between your devices.

Step 1:

Add your Garmin devices to your Nix Biosensors app. Instructions can be found here.

Step 2:

Check your Garmin devices to see what is currently connected but navigating to Settings > Devices within the Nix app.

The Garmin device connected to your workout will be listed under "Connected device" and will have a checkmark on the right. Devices that are associated, but NOT connected are listed under "My Devices".

In the example below, the EPIX PRO would be used in the workout. The fenix 7x would be associated with the account but would not receive data during the given workout.

Figure 2A

Figure 2B

Step 3:

To switch to a non-connected Garmin device, click on the desired device found in the "My devices" section.

In the example below, the user wants to switch and use the fenix 7x for the workout.

Figure 3A

Step 4:

A prompt will appear once you are successfully connected to your desired device.

Now you are all set to begin a workout with the chosen Garmin device.

Figure 4A

Additional Notes:

You will also need to complete additional set up on your Garmin device. Review instructions for the Activity App or details on how to setup your Garmin Data Fields.