Getting Started

Charge your Pod when unboxing for the first time
The Pod comes partially charged, but we recommend charging it until the LED light is solid green before your first workout. As a reminder, the battery life lasts up to 36 hours. 

Turn your phone's Bluetooth on
Ensure that your Bluetooth is toggled on within your phone's Settings so that the data can successfully move from the pod to your phone or device. 

Connect the Pod to the Sweat Patch before placing on your arm 
Ensure the Nix logo is facing upright on the bicep so that the sweat will flow properly through the channel on the back of the Sweat Patch. 

Do not wear the Hydration Biosensor unless actively sweating
You must be actively sweating in order for the device to be collecting data. We recommend endurance athletes use Nix for workouts of 45 minutes or longer. 

It may take up to 25 minutes for data to appear in the app 
It can take 25 minutes or more to receive your first reading within the app after starting a workout. This is completely normal and expected.