The Nix Biosensors App

Explore the features and intel you'll rely on from the Nix app.

Don't leave your hydration to trial and error

The free Nix app analyzes your fluid and electrolyte losses per hour - metrics that represent your unique sweat composition. Below are a few of the features and a peak into the App.

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Select your workout

Choose between a running or cycling workout as well as indoor versus outdoor so that you receive an accurate Nix Index score of your environment.

Choose your beverage

Select your beverage from our pre-populated list of electrolyte drinks. Or, if you don't see your drink listed, you can create a custom beverage within the app.

Customize your notification settings

Decide whether or not you'd like to receive real-time notifications during your workout and customize the cadence of them before you start the workout.

Learn about your sweat

View your fluid loss, electrolyte loss, and sweat composition at the end of each workout with the option to expand each section to dive even further into your personal data. 

Get started today

Your sweat is uniquely personal. Find out your sweat rate, electrolyte loss, and sweat composition by getting started with Nix Biosensors.