Revolutionary sweat science

The first biosensor to analyze sweat and provide endurance athletes with personalized hydration data — scientifically validated and delivered in real time.

Nix Hydration Biosensor

Our lightweight biosensor continuously measures fluid and electrolyte losses throughout your session and sends personalized insights to your phone or iPad in real time to tell users when, what, and how much to drink for optimal safety and performance.

As Seen In

Nix Solo

Created for the individual athlete, the self-monitoring Nix Solo app continuously measures fluid and electrolyte losses throughout a workout and sends personalized notifications to a single user’s phone, watch, or bike computer in real time. Every workout logged is saved to the athlete’s sweat profile and hydration recommendations are provided by the app based on the user’s historical data.

Nix Pro

Designed for a coach, nutritionist, or supervisor to monitor a number of subjects at once, the group-monitoring app allows an admin to monitor subjects' fluid and electrolyte losses in real time.

Personalized insights are tracked in a single comprehensive dashboard, empowering administrators to prescribe a hydration strategy informed by each subject’s personal biology.

Measure What Matters

Even mild dehydration can initiate physiological changes that impose cardio-respiratory stress, compromise thermoregulation, impose fatigue, and significantly impair physical and cognitive performance - often times before you even feel the symptoms.

Backed by Science

The science and validation behind our technology. Read about our proprietary machine learning algorithms which have been trained and validated on an extensive data set.