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Ambassador Program


Bix Biosensors is a game-changing biosensor company offering first-of-its-kind insights into hydration. Our first entry into the agile self-health market is with endurance sports athelets. Nix gives athelets of all levels the ability to make real-time decisions and adjustments to their hydration to help maintain peak performance.


The Goal

Our goal is to support our atheletes in achieveing and maintaining their performance by providing Nix product and resources. We aim to decelop authentic relationshops and build an atmosphere of inclusivity and success. We will develop a unique community in which athelets will feel a sense of inclusion within the Nix internal team. We are all a part of something bigger than ourselves. Ambassadors will create and share engaging storeis and highlight the extraordinary humans that make up our #knowsweatcollective network.


The Ask

The ask is that you spread brand awareness everywhere you go, especially to your individual network of atheletes. Post about Nix across your social platforms in a positive light. Create a unique and exclusive environemnt that people crave to be a part of. Try to develop exceitement and curiosity around the product and provide feedback to the internal Nix team where we can improve or iterate.