Hydration Biosensor

Nix is developing a sweat-based biometric sensor to monitor hydration levels for athletes, soldiers and laborers for whom maintaining optimal hydration is critical to their safety as well as physical and cognitive performance. Our materials science approach gives rise to several key product benefits:



  • Real-Time

    Nix technology allows athletes to monitor hydration in real-time during activity.

  • Lightweight

    The thin and lightweight patch does not require charging before use.

  • Stand Alone

    The sensor is a self-contained technology that does not require another device to function.

  • Single Use

    Use a new sensor for each activity; discard after use.

Technology Platform

Nix is leveraging bioinspired engineering and materials science to develop its consumer diagnostic platform for a range of meaningful, actionable applications. Nix’s sensor platform is a hybrid architecture combining stimuli-responsive hydrogels and nanoscale photonic structures that are micro-environmentally responsive and produce an analog optical signal. Our platform can be chemically tuned to respond to a wide range of environmental and biological stimuli which supports several other uses in many consumer diagnostic applications.

Strategically, Nix is dedicated to developing its single-use sensing platform for applications that address real consumer needs, by providing actionable information, in the moment that a decision needs to be made – and for which the solution is readily available. From skin care to oral health to neonatal nutrition, Nix continues to build its pipeline of biometric sensors through proprietary and partnered programs, for three types of use cases:

  • One-time assessments for solution personalization
  • Continuous sensing for optimization
  • Repeat use for ongoing monitoring